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The Rotterdam Carnival, which is also known as the summer carnival (or Zomer Carnival)  is an annual event that is organized in the city of Rotterdam. This carnival has been held for more than two decades. Every year, about a million visitors from every corner of the world visit Rotterdam in order to experience this fascinating event. In fact, the Rotterdam Carnival is inspired by Bolivia, Brazil and Caribbean carnivals.

Rotterdam is a city that is located in South Netherlands. This city has many different faces and it can be considered as a nightlife city, a port city, a hip artistic city and a dedicated shopping city. In addition, it is also known as the architecture city of Netherlands. The skyline of this city changes rapidly and many different things are available for the visitors to do in the skyscrapers. Moreover, the city is well known for the excellent variety of tourist attractions and good food. Apart from all these aspects, thousands of people visit Rotterdam in order to experience the Rotterdam Carnival which is held every year in July.

The Rotterdam Carnival is all about music, dance, poetry and art. The Caribbean Summer Carnival can be considered as one of the most fascinating events that can be seen in Rotterdam. The streets in Rotterdam come alive during the carnival season with Caribbean and Latin American smells and sounds. The Caribbean music that you can experience at the carnival will definitely make your hips swing. Thousands of dancers from different countries in the world come out to streets during the Street Parade closing event with the best music beats. If you would like to join and experience a more Trini Carnival in Rotterdam, look no further. Triniconnection NL is bringing the authentic Carnival experience every year to Rotterdam. You will be able to purchase a costume or a t-shirt in order to jump up with this band on the road. 


The Rotterdam Carnival starts on a Saturday. It starts exactly a week ahead of the street parade and the Queen Election takes place during the opening ceremony. You will be able to vote for the candidates that come from different carnival groups via Internet. However, a professional jury will also give their inputs when selecting the winner of the competition, who is awarded with the title Summer Carnival Queen in Rotterdam.

During the days of Rotterdam Carnival, a variety of concerts take place throughout the city. In fact, these events will start few weeks prior to the summer carnival. You can also think about attending these events during your stay in order to experience the uniqueness of cultural diversity that can be found in the city. The “Battle of Drums” is one of events that happens the day before the street parade. Three young ambitious brassbands, each start from different points in the city walk in tune to their drums towards the podium on the Hofplein. The bands are so energetic that they get the entire city of Rotterdam hyped up for the Summer Carnival! Their journey involves a spectacular show and a incredible load of energy where spectators can follow them and dance to the sound of the drums.


You will also be able to taste delicious foods during your stay as well.

On top of everything, the entrance of Rotterdam Carnival is free and any person can experience it without paying a penny.You can dance along the bands, enjoy concerts in the city centre, attend Caribbean/Latin inspired parties and you are able to taste delicious foods during your stay as well. This fact has contributed a lot towards the popularity of the carnival among people who live in different parts of the world. If you are looking forward to experience this amazing carnival, you can think of visiting Rotterdam this year without any doubt on mind.


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